Sustainability Report

Base-year 2015

Operating for fifty-three years, Usiminas is an important steel maker in Latin America.

The Company's qualified workforce combines experience and capability to achieve efficiency and productivity, enabling the Company to supply quality flat steel and services with innovative technology.

Usiminas works in a sustainable manner and as a good corporate citizen, supporting the education and the healthcare through the São Francisco Xavier Foundation (Fundação São Francisco Xavier) and culture and sports jointly with the Usiminas Cultural Institute (Instituto Cultural Usiminas). The Company also promotes environmental initiatives, such as the Xerimbabo Project, which has welcomed more than two million visitors over almost three decades.

With innovation, knowhow and quality, Usiminas contributes to the building of a more sustainable future.

Products and markets

The integration of the range of products and services offered by Usiminas guarantees unique and competitive solutions for diverse strategically important market segments . Learn more about our main products and their applications.

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Business units

Get to know our units.


Usiminas has two steel mills, in Ipatinga, in the Vale do Aço (MG) region, and in Cubatão, in the Baixada Santista (SP). The integration of the mills allows us to offer the market a diversified portfolio of flat steels, in particular products of high technological content. The Ipatinga plant also includes Unigal, which makes hot dip galvanized steel. Find out more at

Mineração Usiminas

The iron ore mines produce pellet feed, sinter feed and granulates for Usiminas’ own use and for sale at home and abroad. Investments in the production line have led to gains in scale and quality. Find out more at

Soluções Usiminas

A modern steel processing infrastructure transforms Usiminas products into rolls, blanks, pipes, welded assemblies, profiles, structures, metal disks, etc. These parts are made to order for the market and delivered to customers through an efficient logistics system. Find out more at

Usiminas Mecânica

Manufacturer of capital goods for heavy industry, each of its projects bears the stamp of quality, technical rigor and credibility. It operates in the segments of industrial equipment, assemblies, railcars and foundry castings, bridges, structures and blanks. Find out more at


Usiminas recognizes the value of its employees as the basis for the work in which the company is engaged. Our employees are the key agents for change, and their creative contribution and their constant commitment are essential elements in the search for quality and productivity. Investments in training and professional qualification are proof of the continuous commitment to the training and development of its employees.

Qualification and development


To continually invest in employee training and development: This is the role of Educar – the Usiminas Corporate Education process for learning via distance training. The Educar Program encompasses all company actions dedicated to employee training and development.

The program focuses on tying employee training and growth to the company’s strategy. Thus the Educar Program provides internal monitoring and training courses customized for the needs and activity of each employee. For this to happen, the program also relies on a distance training system, e-learning, a non-physical method of teaching and learning over the Internet.

Collaborator profiles

Profile of own employees - Ages

Number of employees
Below 30 years old 5.095
From 30 to 50 years old 11.893
Above 50 years old 1.650

Profile of own employees - Gender

Employee Gender
Number of Men 17.600
Number of Women 1.038

Average annual training hours per employee and employee category

Total training load by employee category

Employee Category
Director/Gen’l Mgr 568
Manager 19.111
White Collar 77.559
Avg Level Technician 140.431
Blue Collar 665.896
Office Worker 7.444
Total 911.009
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Health and safety

More than a directive, safety is a value for Usiminas. The company engages in an extensive range of actions aimed at creating a safety culture at its facilities, thus preserving the well-being of its employees. Added to this are programs and benefits dedicated to preventing illnesses and healthcare treatment.

In 2015, Usiminas invested significant amounts in safety training. The Company contributed R$69.3 million to improve workplace environments. Besides obligatory training by law, a wide range of programs was offered – working at heights, safety management, confined environments, safety in the operation of moving equipment (overhead craens and forklifts), safety tools, among others.
The Company achieved the rate of 0.67 accident per 1 million hours worked, compared to 1.13 in 2014.


Usisaúde is the health plan provider, serving the Usiminas employees, their family members and the regions where the company is located. In order to offer differentiated health care plans, with quality assistance, competitiveness and sustainability, Usisaúde innovates in services, expanding its various communication channels and growth strategies. Over the last past years, Usisaúde restructured areas, hired personnel, implemented new technologies, guidelines and processes, expanded the access to services and increased service providers and memberships.

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Strengthening relations with the community where it operates is a constant focus of attention at Usiminas. The company invests in regional development through its own projects or partnerships with non-governmental organizations and local authorities. In 2015, R$7 million were invested in the company’s own projects and partnerships.

Additionally, the São Francisco Xavier Foundation (FSFX), a private philanthropic entity acts as Usiminas' representative to social welfare. It currently consists of five units: The Márcio Cunha Hospital, the São Francisco Xavier High School, the Usisaúde health insurance operator, the Integrated Dental Center, and the Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Service.

Support to cultural

Sponsored through tax breaks in the regions of Baixada Santista (SP), Vale do
Aço and the Mid-Western region of Minas Gerais.

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Usiminas is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance, especially through the rational use of natural resources and the management of its impacts. The Company invests in the pursuit of sustainable solutions to combine industrial production with environmental conservation, combined with actions for social equity.

The Company was the first in the Brazilian steel industry - and the second in the world - to secure the ISO 14001 certification. The marketed products meet the stringent requirements imposed by the European RoHS and ELV directives, world references in ecolabels.

R$ 350

The Investment by Usiminas in projects involving engineering, maintenance and process improvement, education and management of resources aimed at preventing and keeping the company’s environmental impacts to a minimum.

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Innovation is in the DNA of Usiminas, which, since it was foundation, has incoporated technological value-added in its products as a market differential. The Usiminas Research and Development Center in Ipatinga, MG, works to create, master, apply and disseminate scientific and technological know how, which gives the Company competitive advantages.

This know how is applied, above all, in developing new products; identifying and engineering steel applications; improving industrial processes; identifying and analyzing raw materials, inputs, by-products and diverse materials related to the steel production process; conserving the environment; and identifying and evaluating new technology and new business.

Brazilian steelmaker
with the highest
number of patents filed

Get to know some of the products developed by Usiminas in 2015, always with the intention of meeting its customers main demands

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The development of FB580-EG steel for application in the automotive industry

into the mechanism that produces “bamboo shoots” in rolled strips

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