Since the very beginning of its construction, Usiminas has given priority to taking care of people. At the time of its installation, the Company transformed a quiet village into a city with the necessary infrastructure to receive the thousands of people that now form Usiminas. Over the years, at a time when the concept of sustainability was still in its infancy, the Company strengthened its management with focus on people.

Health and Education

Usiminas established the São Francisco Xavier Foundation, in 1969, a philanthropic entity responsible for the management of projects focused on health and education.
Today, there are nearly six thousand employees, working in seven units and clinics that offer services to employees and the community in six states in Brazil.

Among its business units we can mention Marcio Cunha Hospital (HMC), Cubatão Hospital, o Integrated Dentistry Center (COI), VITA – Occupational Health Solutions, o Carlos Chagas Municipal Hospital (HMCC) and the complementary health operator “Usisaúde”.

6 thousand

employees at “São Francisco Xavier” Foundation

165 thousand

beneficiaries in “Usisaúde” Health Insurance Plan

160 thousand

lives under VITA’s management – Labor Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Service


One of Usiminas main principles is Safety, athus, we consider Life Protection listed among the attributes of “Usiminas DNA”. We work hard every day through a number of safety management initiatives in pursuit of Zero Accidents. In order to keep focus, Usiminas holds a monthly Safety Day in all subsidiaries of the group, enhancing the messages of labor and process safety. These actions involve all Usiminas employees in an estimated universe of 25 thousand people.

We also count on the Integrated System of Occupational Health Actions (SIASSO), a platform that allows employees to know everything that happens in the company regarding safety and health.

Qualidade Vida

Life Quality

Manter a qualidade de vida de nossos profissionais é uma das principais metas da Usiminas.
Preserving a high quality of life for our professionals is one of Usiminas main goals. We strengthen this commitment with our employees through the Diversity and Inclusion Program.
We aspire to remain a company of happy people where everyone can be whoever they really are, without hiding or suffering any kind of discrimination. In partnership with several institutions, Usiminas fosters welfare through its social loans to leisure clubs in “Vale do Aço” (Steel Valley), “Baixada Santista” and Belo Horizonte, creating a more inclusive, positive, and humanized environment, with respect and appreciation for diversity.